Accommodation – Tollie’s African Safaris

Guests are accommodated in African style guesthouses.It has all the amenities that you would come to expect from any small luxury hotel in the world and can cater to both corporate and private groups alike.

With all the comforts of home and more, the lodge also has exquisite cuisine with varied menus that include local game and fine wines. Packed lunches are prepared for the hunting every day.
As an alternate to the accommodation offered at the lodge hunters may wish to stay out at our Nyala’s Oxwagon Camp for a night providing a traditional wilderness experience.
Apart from everyday hunting and farming activities there are beautiful walks catering for the casual walker to the energetic hiker.
Other facilities available are:

  • horseback riding
  • squash (like your racket ball)
  • tennis
  • trout fishing (if in season)
  • deep sea fishing
  • bird hunting
  • hiking trial
  • excellent golf course (just 22 miles away)
  • day trips to Addo Elephant Park or Mountain Zebra Park
  • day trips to old historic towns

… and finally after a full day of activity you get to relax around a fire where stories of the day unfold!
Your Hosts – Tollie & Karen Jordaan

Owned and operated by Tollie and Karen Jordaan, Tollie’s African Safaris is a fully integrated family business with Tollie being the fifth generation on the property. Hunting has been a way of life for the Jordaan family for generations. Tollie’s father taught him to hunt when he was very young.His outlook on life has been influenced to a great extent by the surroundings in which he lives. He believes that life is what you make of it and that God put him on the ranch for a reason—to carry on the true values of his family’s heritage, to raise a wonderful family and to wake up every morning to thank God for the wonder and beauty he sees every day. He loves his job. He loves to be in the great outdoors and share this wonder with others. And he has three of the most wonderful children in the world. He lists the fabulous people he has an opportunity to meet and the friendships that develop as one of the greatest assets of his business. His biggest goal is to make each and every hunt the most memorable experience that anyone has ever had.The quality of service offered by Tollie, Karen, professional hunters and staff are outstanding. Attention to detail and personal service will remain our number one priority. The commitment to service and professionalism offered by the team is second to none. The caping and trophy handling skills, amongst others, are excellent.Tollie’s African Safaris have an extremely high regard for the ethics of hunting and take the management of the ranches very seriously. The wildlife are continually monitored to ensure that their quality and quantity will be maintained at the highest standard for hunters. An emphasis is placed on conservation and everything possible is done to maintain the fine balance existing between flora and fauna within such a pristine ecosystem.We do the bulk of our hunting on our own ranches that total in excess of 60 000 acres. We also hunt other ranches (in excess of 120 000 acres) to ensure the best quality trophies for you our client.Hunters can use a bow, rifle or muzzleloader. It’s your choice but rest assured that the experience of the hunt will be memorable. We are confident that hunters will have the ability to obtain only mature trophy class animals.After acquiring an additional farm, Buffelsfontein comprising of 7000 acres of land, a fantastic lodge, beautiful waterfall and plenty of nyala it was my life long dream to reintroduce buffalo on this property because of all the old time stories I heard of buffalo roaming free and drinking water at the spring. The farm was named Buffelsfontein (direct translation Buffalo Spring). In 2008 we took a big step and reintroduced buffalo and sable to Buffelsfontein and now our clients have an opportunity of a fair chase hunt for buffalo and sable on this property too. The area’s natural vegetation is well suited habitat for Impala, Springbuck, Blesbuck, Zebra, Bushbuck, Duiker, Steenbuck, Kudu, Eland, Buffalo, Sable and most particularly Nyala – in fact it’s a Nyala paradise.

The sheer beauty of the area has a stillness, peace and purity which, coupled with the dense African bush, the vast open spaces, hills and mountains, restores the soul and will make a lasting impression on you.

“Life is short, and we never know the longevity. We all have the desire in our hearts to dream, and I say to you: Where there is a heart, there is a dream. And where there is a dream, there is no fear.”

Thank you for giving me the time to tell you about me and my family, this beautiful country, and what I can offer to make your trip a remarkable one. From my world to yours, have a good day and keep smiling.