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Time goes by so quick. I am back from our marketing trip in the USA and it is nice to be home again. Our veld is green and beautiful and almost every week it rains a bit. The veld condition is the best in years. Our animals are beautiful and we are very excited about the new season ahead of us.
We have had a very busy time. I started my trip to the USA by visiting an good old friend of mine, Jurgen Schultz. He lives in Lampsas, Texas. We helped him to export boergoats to Texas in 1994. The project took us a year to complete. He has bought property in Costa Rica and for the past few years invited me to visit him. At last I did this year. What a beautiful place! He lives in the south of Costa Rica in the jungle. His house overlooks the ocean and the monkeys are all over the place.
We had some time for fishing too. I caught a few sail fish and mai mai. What a great tasting fish!
Tollie fishingTollie
From Costa Rica I travelled to Casper. I visited my friends, Rick Bonander and Jerry Davis, who hunted beautiful lions with us in 2013. We attended the SCI banquet and had a great time.
From there I travelled to Sydney, Nebraska where I spent some time with Frank and Ylani Cole and visited Ed Beattie as well. It felt like home, great people, great conversations etc.
From them I travelled to the cold Atlanta. Luckily I missed the flights being cancelled.
After Atlanta I visited good friends Larry & Susie Smith in Gainesville. Larry, Susie & family have for the past three years hunted with us and did some work at the orphanage in Somerset East, for which the orphanage management are very gratefull because they almost solely rely on donations. The one year they renovated a house where 8 kids and a house mother could live and furnished it with curtains, linens, duvets etc. The second year they painted the other house and put up a high fence around the orphanage to keep the kids safe & made a playground for them.
Then I headed for Las Vegas. It was nice to see so many familiar faces and also meet so many new people at the show and the big conversation was how I am doing after the Buffalo accident. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, I truly appreciate your interest and friendship. That is why we enjoy the business so much – it is all about real friends. Once again thank you for all your prayers. All I can say is that we serve an almighty God and that miracles do happen. The show was good and we are looking forward to a good season.
Then I travelled to Austin, Texas, where I met a group of friends of Kerry & Phil Russell. It was a very successful get together and we are looking forward to having the group hunt with us.
Blessings for 2014 to all and keep an eye on our facebook page. GREAT COMPETITION LAUNCHING SOON!
Enjoy your hunts this year!
Our hunting season is more than halfway and we are looking forward to the rest of the year’s hunts with you and help you make your African dream come true. Our professional hunters are very experienced and knowledgeable and they are committed to make your African safari a memorable one. Our reputation builds on years of experience.
There are also a lot of activities for the non-hunters. We offer daytrips to nearby historical towns as well as to the Addo National Elephant Park and other nearby Parks as well as shopping trips.
You can expect to take home beautiful trophies, wonderful memories and a once in a lifetime experience after a safari with us.
We also had a few lion hunts this year. If you are interested in the best adrenaline hunt, then this is for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us to enquire about this adrenaline filled hunt.
AFRICAN PRIDE TAXIDERMY, operated under the guidance of Tiaan Troskie, are proud to say that we have delivered top quality mounts to our clients over the past season. So whether it be dip & pack or mounting, have a look at our website ( for more info on our taxidermy.
We are also involved in The Mary Coetzee Children’s Home for orphans in Somerset East. Very good friends of us, Larry & Susie Smith from Florida, and their children, Nelson, Travis & Wiley, made funds available last year to repair and paint one of the houses at the Children’s Home. We also built a court where the kids can play Netball/Basketball. This gave all of us satisfaction and it touched our hearts, so much that we did another project at the Children’s Home together with Larry and his family this year. We replaced the fences with brand new security fencing to keep the kids safe. We also repainted one of the other houses on the property and did repairs to the house. Each kid received a gift and new clothes too. These kids are deep in our hearts.
Thanks Larry, Susie and family for everything you do for these children. The Lord will bless you all.Anyone who would like to contribute or sponsor a child can contact us.
Hope to see you soon in Africa!

The 2010 and 2011 hunting season provided us with the pleasure of spending some wonderful time with fantastic people hunting great animals. The season has been very successful and this would not have been the case without the loyal support and confidence we received from you, our clients. Thank you for hunting with us! We are looking forward in sharing more hunts with you and to help you to make your African dream come true.
This year started off wonderfully with very good trophies. To those of you who are still joining us during the year and in 2012, we look forward to welcoming you to our piece of Africa and to share the wonders of Africa with you. We wish you all good hunting and we remain, as ever, dedicated to exceed your expectations!
Our PH’s and trackers will, as always, do their best to obtain the best quality trophies in the time available. In many instances, monster trophies are taken simply by being in the right place at the right time. It certainly is wonderful to take a really big trophy and everyone enjoys the moment and excitement but in the same breath I will say that even a lesser trophy should be enjoyed and appreciated just as much, as its life is worth the same. It is not the record books that determine a great safari, rather it is the overall experience, the camaraderie and the service we provide whether in the field or from the office. The happy campfires, beautiful animals, golden sunsets and the firm friendship that are formed determine a great safari!
Our luxury accommodation will ensure a pleasant stay and we will introduce you to authentic South African cuisine and fine wines. Attention is given to detail and we assure you of our best personal service at all times as we continue to strive for quality and excellence.
AFRICAN PRIDE TAXIDERMY, operated under the guidance of Tiaan Troskie, are proud to say that we have delivered top quality mounts to our clients over the past years. So whether it be dip and pack or mounting, have a look at our website for more info on our taxidermy.
We also added INYATI SPA as a further luxury to our clients to enjoy. With the Spa on our property, clients can relax and enjoy massages and health and beauty treatments by our in-house therapist.
Hope to see you soon in Africa!